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Hey! Find my favorite songs, artists and conversations with friends on my podcast ‘Lotus Play’ – only on Spotify.

L o t u s (1)

I created Lotus Play to be a virtual venue for fans and music lovers; to hear from  songwriters and bands with honest and passionate voices in an unedited way. The name’s drawn from the call to prayer ‘Let Us Pray’ because I feel like a great live show is the closest thing to a religious experience people from every walk of life and background can have together. Lotuses grow in the mud and turn into something really beautiful – not unlike how shitty circumstances often produce the best songs and the best kind of people. Connecting with people at shows and hearing their stories, made me realize how a platform like this could let people get lost for a little while by hearing band’s anecdotes in that same way.

Spotify Playlists streaming music played on LPB’s WTBU show can be found under lotusplaybeats.
You can contact Kellie via the social media links on the side. Any questions can be sent to


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