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Dom Jackson a.k.a. SeeMonsters a.k.a. Dr. Mood is a photographer, comic creator and musician (even if he downplays the moniker) from Columbus, Ohio. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY – Dom continues to create in a city that many have deemed irreparably impacted by the global pandemic. 

A mass exodus saw many creatives moving out of NY – be it for monetary reasons or for, simply, more space, but Dom stayed. During the quarantine, he wrote various comics with his collaborator and illustrator Bam McCray and shot beautiful images of the people he loves and strangers with souls so loud, it would be a shame for a lens to ignore them. 

One of the main reasons I really wanted to speak with Dom on this show, was to showcase the work and voice of someone who simply loves music. A guy who sees the impact of song on all the creative endeavors he pursues and excitedly shares his favorite tracks with those around him. 

It’s refreshing to have conversations where songs aren’t ripped apart or over-analyzed – as Dr. Mood, himself, could likely attest – sometimes it’s more about the music being a soundtrack to your life, than trying to figure out why it is. 

Feel free to follow Dom and Bam at the hyperlinked notes above.

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