Charlie Houston is a 21-year-old artist from Toronto, Canada. Her EP, I Hate Spring was released on April 30, 2021 to the joy of people like myself – looking to be both reminded of somatic responses to relationship ebbs and of the beauty of when they flow. As a young person navigating emotions, mental health, social media, relationships and life experiences in general, Charlie consolidates the familiar pang of regret, memory of falling prey to imposter syndrome and the like on top of peppy, uplifting beats. 

The juxtaposition makes the listener feel like it will actually all be okay. One day you look back and laugh. 

We discuss a wide variety of things unrelated to music, but come back at the end. Though she released music in the middle of a pandemic, it’s easy to see how the people who used her tracks to soothe, vibe and share – will undoubtedly revel in the moment when they get to stand at one of her gigs, swaying back and forth, putting this weird fever dream of a year behind them, whilst holding on to the music that made it bearable.

Instagram: @charliehoustonmusic

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