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Broken Hands are a British rock band from Canterbury, Kent comprised of Dale Norton (vocals), Callum Norton (drums), Jamie Darby (guitar), Thomas Ford (bass) and David Hardstone (guitar/keyboard).

I first heard about this band at the end of 2015 when their album Turbulence was released. I used to listen to tons of new music as MD at WTBU, but when ‘Meteor’ blared through the speakers in our E-Board office I was so incredibly bummed that I couldn’t just go catch them live.

One year later, I heard the band as an intern at a label, where a woman who ran the publishing department played Turbulence in the small office we all shared. Still unable to catch a live show – I knew then that I had to ask for an interview.

We emailed back and forth for the piece, only to be reunited almost five years later via zoom.

Broken Hands have gained the support of NME, Clash, Radio 1, Radio X and the like, sharing stages with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Blur, Catfish and the Bottlemen and more.

Their second album Split In Two was released in 2020, produced by Julian Emery (Lissie, Nothing But Thieves) and mixed by Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Royal Blood). Dale and the band have a knack for knowing how to fill space in the best way. If you don’t run, you’ll want to. If you don’t speed down a highway, you will. And if you, like myself, have yet to seem them live – you’ll want nothing more than to hop on a plane, catch a bus and head down to Kent to make it happen. 

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