I met Tanner Williams when we worked back to back at Paradigm Talent Agency in NY. We immediately hit it off once we cracked jokes and shared stories, allowing our respective cackles to reverberate through the halls. Sometimes you just click with people and in an industry like ours, it’s pivotal to recognize a real relationship when you see it. 

He’s sharp, creative, funny and a joy to be around. The artists he works with trust him for the same reasons that I adore him. 

Tanner currently works at OVERALL MGMT, a company that manages artists like gnash, Girl Wilde, Imad Royal, alexmaax and Ilan Rubin. Post- Paradigm he worked at Full Stop Management working as day-to-day on a team for artists like Walk Off the Earth, MAX, Daya, and more. 

Sometimes I truly believe that the only people who love music as much as the artists who make it, are the assistants at talent agencies, sound techs and roadies that make it all run, and the support staff at management companies; all spending long days and train rides typing up contracts and dealing with admin.

After catching up with Tanner over a glass of wine, I’m almost sure of it. Although he’s still in his early 20’s (you’re welcome, Tanner), his passion for visual storytelling and protection of creative expression make him a management force to be reckoned with. 

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