Photo by Quinn Christopherson

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Medium Build is the project of Nick Carpenter, an Atlanta-raised, singer-songwriter currently calling Anchorage, Alaska home. I came across Nick on Spotify after hearing his collaborator and friend, Quinn Christopherson’s Tiny Desk submission in 2019. Two amazing artists making music with lyrics that karate kick you straight in the gut…and they live in Alaska? Say no more.

Nick is a fantastic soul, but one of the things I love most about his music is how it reminded me to look outside of the major cities and states for passionate storytellers and creatives. Sometimes the artists we should be listening to are holed up in Anchorage, looking down and wondering what the hell the rest of us are doing. My short answer to that is: I have no idea. 

My resolution: Listen to Medium Build.

I hope you love hearing Nick talk as much as I enjoy speaking with him. 

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