Hey guys, it’s been a WHILE! Since I last posted, I’ve graduated from Boston University, have been to London twice and have had approximately 13 existential crises. I lost a lot of interest in this blog, mostly because I wasn’t getting as much feedback on it, I think. I was meeting more and more people who’d heard of it or recognized me at a show or two but I hadn’t met a random kid who told me he/she loved it in months and months. LPB was made to be equally beneficial for an artist and a kid in need of a musical map to maneuver the journey of high school or college and now — what life is like post-grad. Turns out I need this shit more than ever. I hope you find something you love here. Let me know.

1. Dope Lemon

Dope Lemon

Guys. I’ve mentioned Dope Lemon before but I stumbled on this track ‘Marinade’ again while I was laying on a baseball diamond in Brookline (weird.) and it just came on shuffle after a few months of not hearing it. Fuck, is it good. All I imagine while it’s haunting Growlers-esque lyricism sways with the subdued beat is how amazing it would feel to be on a stage getting ready to belt it out. Perfect weather, sunset and smooth wind included with the obvious gnarly light show that would follow. This is a work of pure beauty.

2. Oso Oso

Oso Oso

Another one I’ve discussed before, but these guys are plainly and simply stellar. They weave tunes that play to your EMO-loving nature but that speak to a more modern world of basement shows that are filmed on go-pros by that girl from your stats class who wear adidas too much but means well. Is that something that only happened to me? Cheers.

3. Mirror Fury

Mirror Fury

I hadn’t slept in 48 hours and a man in a tight suit had talked to me on a plane for the last 90 minutes of a flight that saw me down 3 glasses of wine and a gin and tonic. Fast forward to me getting stuck in traffic on the M4 with a cabbie who called Oasis ‘twats’ and Blur ‘the way forward’ (ironic). I drove right to Bushstock Festival to work in a neon vest and help out a record label made up of some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. The first band I saw was Mirror Fury. Everything else felt obsolete. Cue ‘Thistles’.



These guys have been opening up for The 1975 who I’ve had the pleasure of photographing and also seeing twice in the past couple of months. They have a very modern sound that’s really great to hear driving around the city or, I’d imagine, cruising through your small hometown wishing you were leaving for that big cosmopolitan life. I’ve been there and if you fall into the latter — I’ve done that. You will too. Enjoy this tune while you’re in that suburban bubble now, though. Sometimes when you find yourself caught up in the future you can forget how sweet that comfort and ‘smallness’ is. You’ll look back on it fondly when you’re thrust into the immensity of what’s next. ‘Heathen’ feels immense and comfortable to me all at once.

5. The Vanns

The Vanns

I wrote a post a few months ago — maybe even last year — about Australian bands you should keep on your radar and The Vanns were right at the top. They’re filling in one of the opening spots for Catfish and the Bottlemen in July and this track has been a really great addition to my summer playlist. Try adding it to yours.


Picture from Rolling Stone

I like Haim, I just don’t love their music all the time. I think they’re super talented and network better than almost any band in the mainstream, however, sometimes I think that networking ability supersedes the quality of their tracks. I think with ‘Want You Back’ that misalignment is now rectified. Danielle is a powerhouse of talent and while the idea of a trio of sisters is endearing, she could be shredding with anyone and bring her flair and natural injection of heart into any endeavor.

7. Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy is like a very hot and slightly more indie Ed Sheeran. I’m sorry to objectify him in this way but, damn. His singer/songwriter aura is a little Sheeran-esque (generally enjoyed by all a.k.a pop) and his look is like a Youtuber in a thank you video for 2 million subscribers. I guess all that description really means is that he’s super likable. Let me know what you think.

8. Football Club

Football Club Band

I’ve toiled over posting this band amid claims of sexual assault by Ruby, the transgender lead singer of the progressive rock group. It’s a fucking shame if this is true and it’s looking more and more like it might be. The songs are phenomenal and the positive influence that they could have had socially makes it even more confusing and, quite simply, sad. I’m writing this and including them to inform anyone reading about the event that happened (I found out over twitter), allowing you to make your own decision on whether or not you’d like to listen.

I also wanted to include this number 888.655.HOPE for anyone who may be a victim of sexual assault to safely call.

9. Blonder


My friend Jack told me about Blonder a few months ago and I really loved this song. I unfortunately missed the Boston show but can’t wait to catch him next time he rolls through. This track sounds exactly what a festival organizer would want playing in the afternoon by an unknown band two years before they blow up in the mainstream and iHeart Radio. Here’s your taste before he does.

10. RUSS

Russ // Boston Calling
Russ @ Boston Calling by Kellie Mardula

Swoon. Only Russ can show up a minute after his set was supposed to be over at Boston Calling and still make you love him. Stage presence and an iron-clad confidence mix to create a captivating live show as we watched Russ teeter on a line of what could easily come off as an inflated sense of self and a star who is just having the time of his fucking life. I’ll tell you what; I’m going with the latter. Enjoy his rise, I will be.

(P.S. when festival organizers tried to get him off stage he had his DJ play ‘What They Want’ again — and he performed like it was his second-coming instead.)


Send me songs you’re loving to lotusplaymusic@gmail.com 🙂


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