“Where’d she go?” She’s right here! Back with a delayed list of the top eleven musicians I loved in May because it’s never too late to discover new music. Hell, it’s only a title..

1. Mass Gothic


I really vibe to this band and let me tell you why – I saw them live at Bill’s Bar on Landsdowne Street with Radio BDC and was left with a very strange feeling. They didn’t blow me away as performers but the songs just enchanted the shit out of me. Beguiled, I made an ‘i am back’ playlist (I kind of fell off the face of the Earth) and ‘Every Night You’ve Got To Save Me’ became the tune that set the trend for every song selection that followed. I really like that I dig them more digitally than I do in person. Call me crazy, but I think the shock of that reality is what made it one I was so willing to embrace.

2. Whitney


YA’LL I HAVE MENTIONED WHITNEY BEFORE but didn’t think I’d vibe as hard to their new shit as I have been. Procrastinating the eventual studying that comes with the dumb decision to take statistics over the summer, I just chill in bed, turn Chicago’s Whitney on, watch the sun set and sip on some wine. The tunes make your mind wander. I like the feeling of taking a mental road trip for a while – before the harsh reality of my mathematical impediment takes over.

3. Talking Heads


I know they’re old, chill out. I put my Spotify on a shuffle through my saved songs and ended up walking home jamming from a wallet-breaking trip at Whole Foods, summer heat in full effect, strolling past a park filled with kids playing baseball; parents chilling on the grass. “I’m 21,” I thought. Sometimes it’s nice to be present.

4. Conro


“Yoooo she’s crazy! EDM??” Conro is so dope, I’m very glad I rediscovered him this summer because I AM LIVIN’. I also have a slight crush on him but we don’t have to linger on DETAILS!

5. Twin Peaks


Also, not new. Also, on every music blog on the internet. HOWEVER – I can’t not shout these guys out after they shut The Sinclair down this month. A gentle mosh, a passionate and attentive audience. Cadien flung his large body around sans inhibitions and I just stood there so fucking happy because I was watching and listening to the perfect band for my generation and what’s more – they love it ten times more than we all do. #ChiTown

6. Tempessst


With those breezy guitar chords to usher you into a Tame Impala/Blossoms/the remastered Police recording sound (go with me on that). The lads have very little social media presence so I can’t offer much in the form of fake social interaction between you and that group but can encourage you to LISTEN.

7. Catholic Action


I honestly don’t know much about this group but they’ve made my rainy day playlist infinitely better. ‘Why am I still goin’? I don’t know’ – simple lyrics that are really resonating with college Kellie. Do you feel that too? Check ’em out if you like The Vryll Society and even groups like Blossoms, Circa Waves and those Bottle boys…maybe even for Replacements fans, as well. Shouldn’t be much of a surprise – Glasgow’s been producing top acts lately.

8. Leyya


UGH. So smooth it hurts. The tempo is so even it glides through your headphones and doesn’t shake the senses at all. A vibe for sure. ‘Butter’ is the track that’s been gaining this Austrian duo the most praise so far.

9. Bantug


‘Wine Beeline’ describes my Wednesday nights but it also sets the stage for a super chilled 5:00 vibe session. Nashville’s tendency to produce strong lyricists continues – Bantug’s effortless wordplay is indicative of the songwriting hub she’s plopped herself.

10. Barns Courtney


I saw Barns at Great Scott last month and was pleasantly surprised. He had an interesting banter with the small audience in attendance, which I actually enjoyed. I like when artists acknowledge the elephant in the room – it won’t always be like that, of course. Barns has immense talent and obvious charisma perfect for a festival stage. I hope he maintains it.

We also talked about capes and DSL after the show – a funny, approachable dude.

11. Los Nastys


Let’s not lie to ourselves – ‘Cannibal Business’ is a terrifying album title. I have limited insight into the meaning of any of the Spanish tracks but at the core of each song is a sick drum line, traditional rock riffs and a refreshing, culturally-backed spin on the genre we’ve all come to love. My favorite track right now is ‘Okinawa, Olvídate De Mí’. If you’re into Twin Peaks and Hinds (Madrid) you’ll definitely like these guys.

(Also cool guys to follow on instagram since their constantly getting pictured with both bands and the dope Daniel Topete.)


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