I really enjoyed sharing my top 15 musicians of last month so I’m going to attempt (should I bold that or is it implied?) to let you in on my playlists both on the radio and off every 30 days. Those damn FCC guidelines can’t stop my Spotify shine (enter pity laugh here).


Hands down my top pick of this month. I got to see these Lords of Dogtown (aka Oakland, CA? I’m rolling with it) this month and it was one of the best decisions I made this year. I was captivated, engaged with each member and left wanting more. ‘Miley’ is a belter.

2. The National

 I’ve been a National fan for a bit but it was only recently, during a very sleepless night, that I decided to press shuffle on the ol’ Mett Berninger tracks. It allowed me to rediscover gems like ‘I Should Live In Salt’, ‘Heavenfaced’ and ‘England’ but also to listen to some of their older tracks like ‘Conversation 16’ and ‘Lemonworld’. It’s worth letting your mind wander to a soundtrack booming with Berninger’s deep, brooding hum. Hell, it might even rock you to sleep.

3. Laurel

Laurel is just really fucking good. I feel like she’s a Florence Welch and Mø lovechild, which I’m super down for. FloMø? (I’ll show myself out..)

4. Cub Sport 

This Aussie band just solidifies, in my opinion, how strong the tunes getting pumped out of their country are right now. Between reggae Sticky Fingers vibes, intense Violent Soho tunes and even synthy-pop songs from Troye Sivan – the phrase ‘down unda’ is becoming synonymous with quality in music and melody.


LISS has a really dope, modern vibe. They offer listeners a sound that they might not be used to and one that might even make them a bit uncomfortable at first – but it’s unwavering in its attempt to sway you towards a new beat.

6. You Won’t 

“You Won’t were on your list last month!” Why, yes random internet scroller, they were. And here they are again. I just feel like this Massachusetts duo is doing something different and I also feel like we would have been friends in middle school. What a great commentary on their musical ability, eh? I swear I’m a Music Director somewhere.

7. Talisco

I got to see Talisco live at the beginning of this month and was genuinely blown away by their stage presence and charm. The tiny room a.k.a The Middle East Club Upstairs was half full but, as I would recant to my friends and family, it felt like a festival. Every single person was dancing, clapping along and engaged with this French group and I can’t stress enough how much potential they have to headline a massive lineup down the road. The live show absolutely obliterates their recorded tracks – and that’s really saying something.

8. Tor Miller 

I interviewed Tor about 9 months ago at Cafe 939 right next door to Berklee School of Music. Since then, he’s opened for James Bay at venues like Hammerstein Ballroom, played at SXSW, and headlined a tour with a new band backing his seemingly strained but sonically effortless, crooner voice. I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face: he’s special, he’s lovely and he has enough talent for a lifetime of touring. I hope everyone can see one of his gigs at least once, I’m still surprised I can get a ticket at all.

9. Covey

Speaking of Berklee, Covey is no stranger to those hallowed hallways. He also recently opened up for Tor Miller at his Sinclair show in Cambridge this month. A calming influence on our often hectic lives, Covey’s music is reminiscent of a subdued, enjoyable Mumford & Sons and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

10. James Holt 

I told a friend I thought James Holt was a Brian Eno and Beatles lovechild. I’m unsure why I enjoy lovechild references so much but that’s two in one post, I hope you can agree.

11. The Rubens 

NEW SOUTH WALES!!! Who needs rugby mate? I love these guys and I know most of you probably do too. This song always makes my day and if I was in charge of the playlist that rang through a venue before one of my shows, I’d pop this bad boy on there, no doubt.

12. The Last Shadow Puppets

Do I have to justify this? Alex is making me feel things here and amazing song aside, how good does he look? I’m sorry A. Turner but good on ya.

13. The Jezabels

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing lead singer Hayley on my show but as is the luck of college radio DJs – it got deleted (ha ha ha). I’m actually internally screaming, I don’t know if you can hear it. I might have blacked out when I saw an empty SD card once I went to edit. Anyway, The Jezabels unfortunately had to cancel their tour due to band member Heather’s illness but it’s only a matter of time until they get back at it again. Synthia is an album with important commentary about feminism, sexual liberation and creative freedom. It’s moving and has given a lot of women and men the courage to stay authentic and speak up for what is important to them.

14. Bleached 

Bad-ass. Simply bad-ass.

15. Allan Rayman

I caught Allan Rayman live last month and was super into his whole vibe. Think the allure of an OVO signee with a Zayn Malik look. I’m down for Rayman and if you can catch him live, you might see why too.

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