I’m BAAAAAACK! Brit indie rock is my vibe most days but we all stray, don’t we? I like a little bit of everything and this past month – when I haven’t been listening to WET’s entire album – (I spared you that inclusion on the list) I’ve been checking out dope artists like the 15 listed below. These are musicians that have moved me, fucked with my mind or soothed me this month. Let me know what you’re vibing to.

1. MUNA 

This dark-pop female trio from Los Angeles is up your alley if you’re digging the new 1975 vibe. i love it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it comes out Feb. 26 but you can listen to MUNAs tracks today.

2. Paperwhite

This Brooklyn-based brother sister team know how to make great synth pop and ‘Get Away’ is no exception. I can’t stop playing this tune in and around the station. It may not be a new find, but it’s a great one and I’ll take that over a hyped track any day of the week.

3. Coeur de Pirate

Je t’aime! French-Canadian Béatrice Martin exudes an alluring, sultry sensuality backed by an upbeat pop beat. I like how Martin’s vocals can transcend platforms – when extracted and isolated, she’s a less-raspy Carla Bruni but with an electro pop backdrop, she shines as Coeur de Pirate and these tracks are here to stay.

4. You Won’t 

Boston, rejoice! Your boys are back. This video is absurd and terrifying, therefore it is perfect. It’s artistically engaging and different. Wow. Can a pop group still be different in 2016? Thank God for You Won’t.

5. sjowgren

Not much is really known about sjowgren but their a band I really love. ‘seventeen’ is a tune and I don’t even care if they never make another great track – this one deserves a spot on my list and I’m happy to have stumbled upon it.

6. Al Bairre

We all know how much I love Jeremy Loops, arguably Cape Town’s finest export. Al Bairre give my man JLOOPS a run for his money. Excitable, evocative and just really lovely – I enjoy Al Bairre because they make great music. Simple as that.

7. Kloe 

Glasgow-born teen Kloe is someone I’ve had my eye on for a while now. I found her tracks on Soundcloud a couple of months ago but hadn’t really engaged with her tunes before this week. I found her lyrics to be quite indicative of her age but there’s something about her shitting on a guy who’s ‘fucked everyone in the room’ that speaks to me and hell – I’m down for a bad bitch making a dope track about a shitty day.


This is sexy. A.CHAL is sexy. This music is *****.


I’m riding this CHINAH wave to Denmark if it means I get to hear more artists like this trio.

10. Sam Gellaitry

A child prodigy with a penchant for levels and production. Layers are second nature to Sam and his vast fan base can attest to his ability to institute vibe effortlessly. 1997 gave us the first Harry Potter book but it also gave us the next great electronic producer of our time. Bless.

11. Billie Eilish

I like Billie’s original track but blackbear takes it to the next level. Weaving paced rap tracks against her fragile voice makes for a satisfying juxtaposition of sound that is ridiculously pleasing to the ear and even more pleasing to the soul.

12. Holy Esque

I get a lot of tracks sent to me during the day but Holy Esque stands out amongst the rest. “Oslo” starts off slow (which is a nightmare if you ever want to play it on a college radio station) but when it hits its crescendo you’re enveloped by a riff that makes you want to fly to Glasgow and fucking lose your mind at one of their live gigs. Let Holy Esque take you on a journey – I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly.

13. Lydia 

Lydia is a band that just makes feel good tracks and let me tell ya – my stressed out roommates and friends can tell you how invaluable that simple gift is. Pure tune.


You know when people make remixes to songs that are really bad and ruin the original? I don’t think KAMAU has ever heard a bad remix because he has never made one and this version of Hey Ya is absurd. Absurdly good. Bravo – I like it better than the original.

15. Viola Beach

#15 goes to the late Viola Beach. My heart is broken for this great, talented band. They were far too young to have been taken away from the world and music this soon. I’m sending my love, support and positivity to their family, friends and fans as well as the family and friends of their manager. Music lives on when we share it and play it and love it – help me spread Viola Beach’s tunes. Their passion and love for what they did and they way they treated people will stand the test of time.

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