I actually remember when I first heard of Isaac Gracie. It was back in June when I’d read that he was to open up for Tenterhook, another incredibly talented musician with a similar, mellow vibe. I’d followed him back then, based solely off the fact that I trusted the people putting on Tenterhook’s shows to pair him with a brilliant singer-songwriter with some grit and substance. However, for some odd reason, I lost track of Isaac. I hadn’t heard a single song of his for months until last November I stumbled back on to his SoundCloud and found ‘Last Words’.


“This is fucking good.”

Sometimes, I must admit, I get a little…territorial over an artist that really pulls at my heart strings and it took me until today to start spreading the Isaac vibe to all of you and on social media. He deserves praise, that’s for sure. My reluctance in offering him it before, came solely from the fact that for a month and a half I felt as though Gracie was performing just for me as I packed up and left school, read articles to unwind online and sauntered through coffee shops. The song became quite comforting and now, it’s only fitting I send it off to comfort one of you, too.

‘Send it off…’like it’s my child heading out to Kindergarten or – gasp- college.

I’ll be okay though, folks. Bruce Springsteen is back on tour, I’m seriously considering starting to walk to SXSW right now to make it in time for VANT‘s set and the world will continue to turn.


Yeah, it will.

I keep wondering how exactly it happened that I could just stop hearing about an artist. It was as though he completely fell off the map. Maybe that’s what he wanted, maybe I’m just an idiot or maybe he was waiting until 2016 to unleash his much needed, acoustic, stripped-down, lyrically exquisite songs to the world.

If 2016 means more Isaac Gracie – I’m sorry Bruce, I’m most excited for this.

(We’ll always have New Jersey B.S. xxx).


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