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1. The LADS – VANT are the real deal. I’ve never enjoyed hearing someone’s opinion on immigration in the UK moreso than I do in their demo ‘BIRTH CERTIFICATE’. Granted, I’ve never had to hear someone’s opinion on UK immigration either…. Our interview with lead singer Mattie Vant made me like them as a band even more.

2. CROWS is a little known band from Dublin that makes tracks that deserve more coverage and ‘Crawling’ is no exception.

3. I was introduced to Spring King by Mattie and haven’t looked back. It’s very easy to imagine ‘Who Are You?’ blaring in a dirty, greasy venue filled with city-dwellers and sweaty misfits — until you hear the sax.

4. I’ve dug Shura‘s vibe since ‘Touch‘ came out last March and have since found my interest reinvigorated by her best pal SOAK, who sang her praises in our last interview. mura masa is dope and will continue to be so; not to mention his song ‘Lotus Eater‘ is obviously always welcome on our playlists.

5. Swim Deep has been on repeat in my apartment, half because they are unreal live and half because that opening is ……………. ugh.

6. I saw My Morning Jacket at the Orpheum in Boston and while ‘Circuital‘ is forever my favorite tune of their’s – ‘Big Decisions’ is a very, very close second. Check it out.

7. EL VY has been on our site before and I will continue to scream and shout The National‘s Matt Berninger’s praises with this new project. ‘Paul is Alive’ is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for anyone who grew up in suburbia with music-loving parents.

8. Paolo Nutini covering a new, young band called The Beatles.


This is important. Don’t cheat your soul out of hearing this, it’s special.

9. I’m assuming we all know Jack Garratt‘s genius by now, but if not –

There it is.

10. This Arctic Monkey‘s song isn’t new, but I just rediscovered it again while editing old playlists. Lyrically, Turner twists the yearning to be with his girl and the obsessive nature of their relationship into a fucking anthem for everyone who’s ever felt just like he did. He makes that emotional roller coaster feel justified and almost like a privilege. In my opinion, one of the greatest songs, lyrically, of all time.

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