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1. Sticky Fingers 

All hail this crew. The Aussie  boys attest their reggae-fusion, surfer rock sound to their varied Brazilian, Kiwi and British roots. Every playlist is made more complete and every day is made better with one of their tunes. They’re one of the only bands you can see two nights in a row, that still makes you yearn for a third. Lead singer Dylan Frost is known for raising his arms out like Marley over the crowd, who sway with him on a wave that only he controls, one that never breaks.

2. Tame Impala 

It’s by no means ground-breaking to put Tame Impala on a pedestal. In fact, it’s an attractive prospect to shun them for their popularity – there are similar bands with smaller fan bases who are just as good but, ‘Eventually’ is a tune and feeling like we should hate them, makes us like them even more. There’s no need to mention Kevin Parker’s legendary hair – but it’s impressive. Sorry Kev – we know you’re more than you lengthy locks.

3. Little May

It’s a little annoying that we feel the need to address gender with this group because if Little May was made up of three men, we wouldn’t have even thought to. For those who don’t know them, though, it’s a lovely thing – three bad-ass female friends came together to write emotive lyrics with impenetrable indie/folk soul. They deserve attention for all of their music, but ‘Seven Hours’ is one song that we feel particular honesty in and no matter your gender, will hit home for you. Contrary to one review from an Aussie news outlet calling it ‘cute’ – I’d classify this as a raw, honest and lyrical journey documenting heartbreak, the relatable sting of feeling pushed aside and led on by someone you thought understood you better than anyone else and a turning point in a direction toward moving on. I doubt he’d have called Wolfmother cute.

4. Wolfmother 

‘Vagabond’ is the song that plays over and over in my head as I daydream about a road trip across Australia and it’s not the only dope expression from this three-piece. Together since 2000, they have a fan base that’s really interesting and super dependent on what you classify their genre as. The stoner rock fans are a self-explanatory bunch, the neo-psychedlia fans have decided these men are their beacons of light and the indie hipsters, roaming the trendy streets of big city soho’s sway along to the infectious riffs in ‘White Unicorn’.


Electronic indie/pop with a reggae flair. ‘Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds’ is perfect and this Canberra-based group is about to blow the fuck up. Bookmark this song, get lost in their other tracks and soak it up. I’m hooked.

6. John Butler (Trio) 

Enjoy this.

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