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Time to dust off the iPod and open ye olde Spotify app- 

This is who I’m vibing to, who’s influencing my WTBU playlists and who you should be watching out for this year.

1. Sundara Karma

‘Flame’ is a personal favorite. I love this band, I love their name, I love their vibe and they favorite my tweets. I’m a simple girl – this band is not. Expect HUGE things from this crew.

2. Kidwave

Oh, I love them. Made up of a Swede & some Brits – Kidwave’s whole album is a playlist I veer toward regularly. Fun fact: they love a good pair of jeans. So much so, that they’re spokespeople for Levi’s. Welcome to 2015, folks. No one ever said it wouldn’t be weird.


VANT is quickly become a favorite over at the BBC Introducing HQ and if that platform is any indication of quality music (Catfish and the Bottlemen, Wolf Alice, Florence and the Machine) these boys are about to be ripping festival main stages apart.

4. Broken Hands

I know what you’re thinking – a band who says they want to take audiences on its spaceship is probably deranged. I won’t argue with that, but when you’re deranged with passion and the yearning to create an infectious atmosphere and vibe – I’m on board.

5. Blossoms

Try to get ‘Charlemagne’ out of your head. Do it. I dare you. I tried for a few minutes before realizing that if I had to be belting out any song – I want it to be this 80’s-drenched anthem. I also love saying that word. Go ahead, let’s say it together. Chhhharlemaaaaaange.

6. Little May

If you’re an avid LPB reader you’ll have realized that there’s a strange gravitational pull towards Australian bands here. No shame. This female indie/folk trifecta is one of the best that great country has produced.

7. Amber Run 

These boys first came on my radar after I stumbled upon their a capella version of ‘I Found’ ft. The London Contemporary Voices. I think I sent that video to everyone I knew, re-watched it 15 times and still count it as one of the best musical gems I’ve ever found. 5AM is their newest track and puts a haunting spin on an alternative pop sound.

8. The Arcs

A new band, but not one without experience. Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys formed The Arcs this year to a lot of buzz and high expectations. While the band’s been labeled a side-project, I have a feeling Auerbach might make this his full-time focus for a while.

9. The Growlers

A lot of people already know about The Growlers but I had to put them on this list since they’re finally playing back in Boston. ‘Naked Kids’ has one of my favorite lines of all time.

“And you head, I don’t care about that, it’s your heart I wanna live in.”

Unreal album.

10. Circa Waves 

Once again, Circa Waves already have a huge following and listening to them isn’t a groundbreaking admission, HOWEVER, just because they’re getting a little mainstream doesn’t mean they’re not awesome live. If you’re on the Catfish and the Bottlemen train, Circa Waves will be your new favorites.

11. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! 

An oldie, but goodie. Sometimes 2005 comes back and knocks you in the face. Sometimes you realized you were only 10 and watching Hannah Montana – not listening to underground indie music. Definitely an ‘oldie’ – but only a very newly-realized goodie.

12. Half Moon Run 

Oh, baby. I almost feel bad for putting these talented guys at a #12 spot but this list is in no particular order so don’t take that as an indication that HMR aren’t one of the best new bands to come out of Canada. they’re managed by CATB’s people, rocking on Glassnote’s roster and lead singer Devon Portielje’s voice is crystal clear live.

13. Honeyblood

A Scottish duo of two bad-ass women. ‘Bud’ is a folky single that can easily be on a rom-com soundtrack which, somehow, makes me like it even more.

14. Houndmouth 

“OMG, everyone knows Houndmouth”. Yeah, you’re right. Nothing to see here, folks. Just a girl with a penchant for humming ‘Sedona’ down Comm. Ave.

15. Will Joseph Cook 

Living on the edge in order to introduce you to this sickly talented kid from the UK. Who doesn’t love a good Rooftop Session anyway?

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