Photos by Jordan Curtis Hughes
Photos by Jordan Curtis Hughes

1. ASA (Acoustic) 

A little known song that super fans beg the boys to play – I played it on WTBU and our programming director/EDM-loving rave queen asked me to send the link to her ‘immediately’.

2. Cocoon 

3. Pacifier

A festival favorite.

4. Tyrants

I end each of our radio shows with ‘Tyrants’ and the band has ended each set with it for years. Thousands of people may not sing along with our version, but they lose their fucking minds at Glastonbury when the boys unleash theirs.

5. Read My Mind – (Like A Version) The Killers Cover

Don’t you just love a cover that makes you appreciate a song again? I’d never realized how beautiful the original lyrics were until I heard this.

6. Homesick

“I only ever put out for youuuuuu, you know it’s obvious you don’t try” – a millennial’s call to prayer.

7. Hourglass 

“And I’m soooooooo-oooo-ooooo impatient” when new songs don’t come out.

8. I Will Never Let You Down – (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge) Rita Ora Cover

Try to get this out of your head once you hear it, we dare you.

9. Sidewinder

I have a lot of love for this song but it’s rarely played live anymore. This video is great because even after the 8th watch you’re still left wondering if the blond girl makes it out alive after chandelier boy takes a leap.

10. Rango 

“Because it was fresh in my memory, we did a song called “Rango.” It’s about my girlfriend when I was a kid, 14 or 15. I wrote it to try and get her back and she just thought it was garbage.”

Not, not garbage. We liiiiike this!

Photo by Jordan Curtis Hughes
Photo by Jordan Curtis Hughes

“Top Ten” was misleading but we couldn’t honestly post a guide to CATB hits without including their entire 2015 Reading set – 

Talk about a homecoming.

Read our review of their Boston show here.

An Interview with Van McCann of CATB here.

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